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They say “All good things come in small packages” – we at Infinitus Mart believe in redefining this very saying and proving that all good things may come in small packages but all great things come in huge packages and high quantities.

We at Infinitus Mart, help wholesale customers to get the best quality products at the best rate possible, we provide a wise variety and range of products to choose from and can even cater to the unexpected needs and demands of the customer. 

Infinitus Mart precures the best possible products from across the globe and across India and brings them to wholesale customer at the best price. We provide from décor products to fashion products and even hygiene and bathing products. You can wish it and we can deliver.

Infinitus pays homage to the hard work of a shop owner who needs supplies but doesn’t know whom to approach, we are wholesale customers one stop shop to provide them with all the goodies they require.

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Become a Reseller Simple and Easy | High Margins

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Become a Distributor of Infinitus Products
(Infinitus Mart is a Wholesale Supplier of a huge variety of products and supplies to many retail shops across India.)

Sell Products to Shopkeepers and earn a 20% commission on sales*.

Special Benefits You Get -
- You do not have to buy / invest in any stock
- You do not have to manage shipping
- You get a huge product variety to offer to your clients. (Shopkeepers in your area / city)
- You get products priced very at very aggressive wholesale rates
- You get exclusive products which are less competitive and therefore easier to sell.

How it works?
Step 1 - Sign up with us (Signup fees waved off up till 30th September 2020).
Step 2 - We load photos with wholesale prices of all the products in a tab.
Step 3 - Offer these products to all the shops in and around your area / city and take orders.
Step 4 - We ship the order that we have booked and once the customer pays we transfer your commission to you.

*We give a 10% commission (discount) to you on our fixed wholesale price + you can increase the wholesale price by 10% resulting in an overall commission of 20% for you. You are free to further increase or decrease your commission.

How much can you Earn?

Considering a commission of 20%

Daily Wholesale Sales 5000 = Monthly 150000 = Your Commission 30000 per month.
Daily Wholesale Sales 10000 = Monthly 300000 = Your Commission 60000 per month.
Daily Wholesale Sales 15000 = Monthly 450000 = Your Commission 90000 per month. 
Daily Wholesale Sales 20000 = Monthly 600000 = Your Commission 120000 per month.

*Please note this is an calculation. Commission calculated for the above calculation is 20%. Incase you wish to increase or decrease the same, your commission per month may increase or decrease. There is no guaranteed minimum or maximum amount you can get. Your earnings will completely depend on the sales that you make.

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Frequently Asked Questions -

1. Who will manage the shipping -
We, the company will manage the shipping and also pay the shipping charges.

2. Do I have to make any investment -
You need to have an iPad to show product images to the shop keepers. If you have one you can use that. If not you can purchase a refurbished one from the market, or we can supply a refurbished iPad to you for Rs. 15000.


3. How many shops do I need to visit in a day?
That completely depends on you, the more number of shops you visit the more orders you will get which will result in higher earnings for you?

4. When will I receive my payment.
You commission payment shall be done every 15 days. Your payment for an order shall be paid only after your customer has made the payment to us. (Please note we do not offer any credit. We offer cash on delivery or bank transfer before shipping only).

5. I have a friend who wants to also become a distributor, can he also become one?
Yes, we are actively looking for distributors and he can surely become a distributor if he is willing to become one. We have multiple distributors across the country.

6. Are there any targets that I have to achieve?
No there are no targets, the more you sell the more you will earn.


7. Do I need to visit the same shops again and again or just once?
It is recommended that you visit the shops which place orders with you once every 15 days to take new orders. It depends upon you how many times and how often you wish to visit a particular buyer to get orders.


8. Can I sell to my friends, relatives, corporates, online sellers etc.?
Yes you can.


9. Is there any Minimum Order Quantity?
There is no Minimum Order Quantity.


10. What if there is damage in shipping and my client receives a damaged product?
The client needs to inform us within 48 hours of receiving the products and we shall give free replacement or refund.


11. What Category of Products will I be selling?
Gifts / Home Decor / Jewellery / Car Accessories / Bags / Kids / Bathroom Accessories / Kitchen Accessories / Pet Products / Stationary / Watch & Clock / Vases / Electronics etc. Some categories may have more products and some categories may have less. And this may change from time to time.


12. What if I do not get enough sales and I wish to discontinue?
You may discontinue if you wish to. And you may keep or sell off the iPad at any local store.


13. Where is Infinitus' Office and Godown Located?
Infinitus Mart LLP (Showroom and Warehouse)
Unit No. 11, Shankala Industrial Estate, Gogate Wadi, Aarey Road, Near Goregaon Station (E), Mumbai - 400063.

*All the points stated are subject to change as per the managements decision. You shall be informed incase there are any changes.

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