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Online Selling Franchise - Start your dream Online Store on Amazon India!

Choose from hundreds of International products sourced and supplied by us to sell Online and start your online sales.
(Complete Setup of your online store shall be done by us).

Infinitus Mart:

For just Rs 5 Lakhs become a Super e-tailer Franchisee !

Own an online retail store

Choose from hundreds of International products from all around the world, sourced and supplied by us,

and start your own

Gifting store / Home Décor store / Fashion boutique / Jewellery store / Kitchenware store

/ Pet accessories store / Car and Motorcycle accessories / Home appliances

or a Hyper store selling everything.

High Profits, Easy to Run, Safe, Independent & a Prestigious Business.

The ONLY Franchise with Full Capital and 15% Return Guaranteed !


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India’s Retail Sector:

India’s retail sector is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories of the last decade. India occupied the first rank in the Global Retail Development Rankings 2017, an achievement that is being hailed by pundits as the first of many. The Retail market is set to cross the US$ 1 trillion (75 lakh crores Rupees) mark by 2020 from US$ 672 bn (50.4 lakh crore Rupees) in 2017.


India’s E-commerce Sector:

According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), India is the fastest growing market for the E- commerce sector. Revenue from the sector is expected to increase from US$ 39 billion (Rupees 27,300 crores) in 2017 to US$ 120 billion (Rupees 84,000 crores) ; which means an e-commerce sale of 230 crore rupees a day !

This stupendous growth is the result of rising incomes, increasing internet and smartphone penetration, and internet user base growing to 829 million by 2021 from 373 million in 2016 (Source : The Economic Times).

The future is digital. The future is Online.

The India E-commerce Story:

The fact that brands like Flipkart have managed to garner revenues of upto a Bilion (100 crore) Rupees in just one day (on their famous Billion Rupee Sale day) speaks volumes about the Indian E-commerce business. And this figure of a one-day sale is just from one website – Flipkart. Further, the announcement by Reliance Industries about entering the Online sales market in the near future is expected to give a huge boost to online sales.


(Source : Times of India)


About Infinitus Mart

Infinitus Mart LLP is an Indian Company based out of Mumbai. Infinitus Mart is an online Franchise company, which offers to its Franchisees, services of setting up an e-commerce store, and sourcing products internationally for your online store, and assistance in listing your products for sale on India’s biggest portal site Amazon.


Company Background/About The Directors:

Infinitus Mart LLP is operated by the same directors who run the well-established company “Kitchen Fragrances India LLP”.

The company runs India’s leading Café & Bakery Brand “7th Heaven”. The company runs more than 150+ Franchises across 65+ cities pan-India. “7th Heaven” has recently been awarded the “Iconic & Best Franchise Award” by the prestigious “Mid Day Food & Hospitality Awards”. 7th Heaven is also the No. 1 Pan India Franchisee in this sector.

The company has been franchising for over eight years and has immense Franchising experience. With a Highly successful track record of providing Franchising services, the company has been growing rapidly.

The directors of Infinitus have about 20 years of experience with Imports / exports, purchasing of goods etc. They also have experience of online selling and the processes. They are also experienced in managing keywords, SEO, copywriting, photography, etc. etc., which gives them a huge advantage over other regular sellers.



Products being offered by us are of categories which have constant high sales. With a strong online presence and great products, you will have access to the enormous Indian market. Further, at the end of two years, we shall take back all your unsold stock, if any, while for that period you will get a

15 % guaranteed return, with a chance to earn more. Hence you will have zero risk here. According to us we are the only Franchise with a capital guarantee + return guarantee.

Further this Franchise is being offered by the same persons who run the successful Franchise of “7th Heaven” with more than 150+ outlets all over India.


With an investment as low as only Rupees 5 Lakhs, you get an opportunity to earn a minimum yearly guaranteed amount of Rs. 75,000, with the possibility to earn upto approx. Rs. 1,65,000 a year.


We shall set up the full business for you in a very easy manner. Basically, the main thing you are required to do, is to choose products to buy from our extensive range of products. Then you sit back and look at the sales taking place. Besides that there might be some small work like monthly GST filing (through the C.A.) etc.


We have all types of people running our Franchise – Men, Women, Young Adults. This business is well suited for everyone, be it homemakers, students, working or retired individuals living in big and small cities. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to own an independent business, with a growing profit potential and be free from the shackles of a limited job and salary. You become the owner of a prestigious online store with a regular and a growing source of income for you. For your information we already have more than 25 Franchisees given out to various people. To search for products of our franchise please go to, and search for X9V (this is our code), and more than 97 % of the items showed in the results are the products being sold by our Franchisees.


In all other Franchises you must invest a certain amount of money (normally 15-50 lakhs) which is mostly spent on shop interiors, machines, Franchise fees, promotions etc. There is no surety of recovering this investment back. Only after recovering the expenses of initial investment, you may make a profit. Also you have monthly recurring expenses like Rent, Electricity Charges, Salaries and other expenses which you have to bear, whether you have good business or not. And your profits start only after covering all these expenses.

In our online store Franchise model, there is no interior setup cost, no machine cost and no Franchise Fee. Further you have no expenses of staff, electricity, rent etc.

You will get goods worth your entire investment. For example, if you invest Rs 10 lakhs, then you will get goods worth Rs 10 lakhs in your hands which when sold, will give you back the entire investment of Rs 10 lakhs plus your profits. This means, that you will start earning and making profits immediately. And the main thing is that in case there is any left over unsold stock, we shall take it back after 2 years at the price purchased by you, and you will still get the guaranteed return of 15 % per annum.

No other franchise compares with this Franchise.

Highlights of our Franchise Offer

  • Your capital and your return of 15 % p.a. is guaranteed. No other Franchise gives such an offer. All other Franchises have the un-sureity of capital and return. Here your money, and return is 100 % safe.


  • You will have a choice to purchase from our huge variety of products.


  • The Franchisee will decide the amount he wants to invest. The suggested amount is Rs. 10,00,000, though some of our customers invest more too. The minimum amount is Rs. 5,00,000. You can, of course, add more investments later on, once you see the profits coming in.

  • The Franchisee shall initially pay a token amount of Rs. 1,50,000 only to the company to confirm the Franchise. When the goods are ready for delivery he will pay balance amount to the company and in return shall get his chosen goods worth that amount. So, he will have real physical goods in his hand.

  • These products will be listed by the company, on behalf of the Franchisee, on Amazon Prime, which is the largest and most professional online portal. The goods are delivered to Amazon Prime, in your name, and they are kept in the warehouse of Amazon. Goods are shipped by them as soon as they get the order. Due to the goods being kept in their warehouse the shipment is fast, and therefore more customers buy from Amazon. Further once Amazon confirms receipt of goods in proper condition, then it becomes their responsibility if there is any breakage during delivery to customer. The goods will be sent to you, and those same cartons will be collected by Amazon from your address


  • You will get intimation of sales on a daily basis from Amazon through email, so you will know what sales are taking place.


  • Excellent prices for your items:  This is our main USP and strength. We buy directly from China, USA, and other foreign countries and sell directly to you, which avoids a wholesaler and the semi-wholesaler or any middleman in between, which makes our prices very good. Further we get our goods imported by sea, instead of air freight, which reduces our costs by a big margin. Naturally, as you can understand, this will boost our sales. It is basically very difficult for other sellers to compete with us. The main reason for success of a business is having good prices, and excellent prices are our main strength.

  • It is estimated that if you purchase goods purchased worth Rs 5 lakhs, then you can sell approx. Rupees 2,750 worth of goods per day. You will have a net profit of approximately 11 % on this amount, which translates into a profit of approx. Rupees 9,000 per month, and this will finish your stock in 6 months, with a profit of approx. Rs. 55,000 in 6 months (i.e 22 % p.a. return). In case sales do not happen like this, you will still get your guaranteed 15 % p.a. return anyway.


  • Company formation and assistance for Online listing of all products shall be given by us. We will also tie you up with a C.A. for easy GST filing. All that is required from you for setting up of the company is a computer and a mobile phone kept only for this business

  • You will have a dedicated Personal Relationship Manager to help and guide you for any particulars or information required

  • You can also visit our showroom to see our collection of beautiful and quality products. Further we also keep track of which items are selling fast.

  • If you wish, you are welcome to our office and warehouse in Mumbai to do your selection, and immediately collect the goods selected by you.

  • You can reinvest your profits back into the business, thus having more and more products to sell and therefore increasing profits.


9819543464  (9AM to 2PM)

9930663731  (2PM to 9PM)


1.   Will my goods be sold online all over India, or in only a particular area ?

All your items listed on all portals will be sold all over India. Customers from any part of India will be able to order your items.

2.  What accounts do I need to file ?

For this business, you need to file a GST return. If you have your C.A., he can do it for you. If not, then we have a tie-up with a C.A. who will do the filing for you with a charge of just Rs. 1,500 per month. For your yearly I.T. return, which you might be already doing, you just need to give the GST return to your C.A. If you wish, the C.A. we have tied up with can also file your I.T. return, with a charge of Rs. 2,500 per year (for a regular small sized I.T. return). The cost of the GST filing has been included in the selling price. So you will be getting more profit from which you will pay for GST filing, and after this deduction your profit will be 11% approx.

3.  Can you please explain the profit calculation with an example ?

Below is an example with approximate figures :

Goods purchased Rs. 5,00,000 (Rupees five lakhs)

These goods worth Rs. 5,00,000 will be listed on Amazon for sale of approximately Rs. 8,00,000.

This includes Amazon fees, shipping cost to customer, GST.

Your gross profit margin on sales amount is approx. 8.1 % on sale price (or approx.. 13.25 % on your purchase price), and net profit margin is approx.. 7 % on sale amount (or approx.. 11 % on your purchase price) after expenses (GST Filing, Delivery to Amazon).

Your return will be anywhere from 15 - 36 % p.a. If goods selected by you get sold fast, your returns will be higher. In any case your minimum guaranteed return will be 15 % p.a. (on the outstanding amount of goods available for sale. For the goods already sold out, you will have received your profit from the sales proceeds).

And in case goods are not sold even in 24 months, we shall buy back the goods at the price you purchased, and give the amount to you.

For further clarification please note :

  1. The final account will be calculated on the day the last item is sold out. On that day a calculation shall be made for amount due to you @ 15 % p.a., and the amount of profit made by you on sales.  If the amount of profit made by you on sales is more than 15 % p.a., then that extra amount shall be your extra profit, and the company shall not pay you anything. If the amount of profit made by you on sales is less than 15 % p.a., then that deficit amount shall be paid by the company to you.

  2. The minimum guarantee will end when all goods are sold out. For example if goods are sold out in 9 months, we will ensure that you got minimum 15 % p.a. return for those 9 months.

Below is a sample calculation of goods sold off in 6 months, though even in 6 months the monthly sales amount may differ from the below sample. A similar calculation will be made for goods sold in X number of months.


4.  What is the Amazon Prime section?
Amazon Prime is when your products are stored in the Amazon warehouse. In Amazon Prime, shipping is done by Amazon, and that too very fast. When goods are in the Amazon Prime section, the number of orders increase, and we eliminate our job of packing and shipping each order as Amazon does it for us. There is an extra charge for that, but it is being paid by us, and you will get your regular profit as always.
5.  What work is expected from my end ?
We shall set up the full business for you in a very easy manner. Basically, the main thing you are required to do, is to choose products to buy from our extensive range of products. Then you sit back and look at the sales taking place. Besides that there might be some small work like monthly GST filing (through the C.A.) etc.
6.  Will our prices be competitive?
We buy directly from China, and other foreign countries and sell directly to you, which avoids a wholesaler and the semi-wholesaler or any middleman in between, which makes our prices excellent. Further we get our goods imported by sea, instead of air freight, which reduces our costs by a big margin. Naturally, as you can understand, this will boost our sales. It is basically very difficult for other sellers to compete with us. Excellent prices are our main strength.

7.  How do you (i.e. the Franchisor) make money?

We keep a reasonable margin of profit on the goods sold to you. That is our profit. We aim to keep the prices very competitive as if the sales are slow the loss shall be on us as we are guaranteeing a minimum return. Therefore we keep our prices very competitive.


8.  I do not have experience or knowledge of which products will sell fast, so how do I select which products I should buy?

We understand that, and therefore we will help in making your first selection. We will give you a very good selection, as it is our aim that you sell fast. After you have your experience you can select it yourself, or we are always there to help you with guidance of which products are selling fast.


9.  When can I start this business ?

As of now we have a waiting list for the new franchisees, as the current lot is full. The next round process of new franchise addition is currently going on, but online stores will be active after 45 days approx. To confirm your Franchise you need to give us a token of Rs. 1,50,000 once you have made up your mind and all your doubts are cleared. Your online stores will be active in approx. 45 days from the day you confirm. In the meantime we will do the process of company registration, GST allocation, Trade Mark application, setting up of software, laptop, creating account on the portal.

10.  What are the initial steps to be taken, and what documents do you need from me?

  1. Send us your confirmation of the Franchise.

  2. Make payment to our super stockist (KS Associates, Mumbai) of a token amount of Rupees 1,50,000 (For an initial purchase of Rs. 5,00,000).

  3. We shall send you a list of suggested company names to choose from. You can choose a company name from that, or you can give us your company name. We will get your company name registered, and apply for a GST number and PAN card for you. That will cost Rs. 3,000. This is a one time cost.

  4. We shall send you a list of suggested trade marks to choose from. You can choose a trade mark from that, or you can give us a trade mark you like, and an application will be made for the same. That will cost Rs. 7,500. This is a one time cost.

  5. On receipt of the GST number and PAN card, you will need to transfer the balance amount, and select the products required by you, and we will ship out the goods.

  6. We will create your accounts on the Amazon portal website. This normally takes around 3-4 days.

11.  What if I receive broken or damaged goods?

We will be sending you the goods fully packed according to requirements of Amazon, including labelling, bar-coding, etc. You can just directly give the same cartons to Amazon. On receipt of the goods in their warehouse, they will check every item. If there is any breakage etc, it will be our responsibility, not yours, and we will issue a credit note to you for the same. However if you open the cartons at your end, then it will be your responsibility.

12.  What if my goods are not selling well ?

In case we feel that the sales of an item are low, then we may exchange those items with other items. We may also reduce the price, from our profit, to sell off those goods fast. These decisions shall be taken solely by us. In any case you are assured of your 15 % p.a. as well as take back of the goods after 2 years.

13.  Is the shipping cost from your warehouse to me / Amazon warehouse, to be paid by me ?

No. This cost is already included in the selling price. However Amazon may initially debit your account for the shipping cost, and you will recover it from the selling price. The charges of Amazon for collection are anyway very low (approx. Rs. 700 approx. for every 1 lakh worth of goods).


14.  How soon can I expect my sales to pick up ?

When a new account is created on the portal, the portal is cautious and checks out whether the sales are happening properly. So they promote sales gradually. Once things are going smooth, sales start picking up. Also as sales happen, our store ranking also builds up. So as time goes by, we can expect better sales. In our case as the goods are already in the warehouse of Amazon, things are expected to go smoothly. So though initially the sales will increase slowly, with time they normally pick up speed.


15.  Which countries do you normally source from?

We source from all around the world. Most of the products sold in the market are from China and USA ; however, we source from other countries to get new and better and uncommon products too. This is a huge advantage, as normally most of the online sellers sell products made in China or India, while though we sell Indian and Chinese items, we sell fast selling products from other countries too.


16.  How will the products be uploaded on the portal websites?

We shall get your products uploaded on your account on Amazon Prime.


17.  What are the quantities of each product I will have to buy?

India is a huge market, where you can easily sell even 200-300 pieces per item. But the quantities we give is normally around only 24-48 pieces per item.


18.  What about cost of returns from the customers?

If there are any returns, there is a small shipping cost involved in it. It shall be paid by us, the Franchisor.

19.  How do I order new items from the amount I receive from the sales of my previous items ?

Most of the portals credit the sales amount to your bank account in 7 days time. It is suggested that you place an order every Sunday (or another day if you prefer) for the amounts received by you. Ofcourse you can keep part of the sales amount for your personal use, but the more you invest back in the business, you will make more money. We shall also be sending you our new items through Whatsapp, from where also you can place your order. Our sales team will also help do your purchasing.


20.  What if I have sold off a product, and wish to repeat it?

Once your product is sold off, you can buy any other product, or you can place an order for the same product. However, we will evaluate it’s potential and ask for a certain quantity for it. We will also check it’s availability. As many products sell very fast, we may ask for a higher quantity to be bought by you. Normally for a good fast selling product, we double the quantity for re-order. You will have to give a 25 % deposit for the value of the order and balance is to be paid on arrival of goods.


21.  Do I need a trademark?

Yes. This will also protect your online store brand. You can choose it from the list given by us. We have tied up with a Trade Mark company who can apply it for you. There will be a onetime cost of Rs. 7,500 for it.


22.  What is the validity period of the Franchise?

For all the products which you have bought with the initial investment, you will have all the services and facilities listed here, right until those products are sold.


23.  What if I have some doubt or question to ask?

You will have a dedicated personal relationship manager assigned to you, who will help you with any information or particulars required.


24.  How much amount investment should I start with?

It is suggested that you start with a 10 Lakh investment and later on invest more money in this when you see good sales and profits happening.


25.  Will GST or shipping cost be deducted from my profit?

No, it will not be deducted from your profit. The GST and shipping have been calculated for separately in the selling price, and therefore it will not be deducted from your profit. GST will be included in the sales price, which will come to you. That GST amount will be paid by you to the GST department, after taking GST credit input of amount of GST paid by you while purchasing from us. The accountant shall handle this return.


26.  Do I need experience to run this?

No. Almost all our Franchisees have no experience running this business.  We understand that, and therefore have designed the Franchise in a manner where you have a very minimal amount of work (choosing items and checking following up with the uploader). You will still have a dedicated Personal Relationship manager to help you.

27.  What are my monthly expenses? Are there any other hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs.

Your only monthly expenses are Rs. 1,500 for GST filing

Amazon goods collection charges approx.. Rs. 4,500 (which you will get back from the sales proceeds)


Your one time initial (not recurring) expense will be:

  • Company Formation (Rs. 3,000)

  • Trademark Application (Rs. 7,500)


28.  Do I need an office or staff to run it?

No. All the goods will be sent to the Amazon warehouse. They will be making the invoices and shipping the goods as soon as the order is received. You do not need an office, and therefore you will not have any expenses of office rent, office electricity, office staff etc, which normally you have in other franchise businesses.

In summary:

  1. An opportunity to earn approx. 15-33 % p.a.

  2. Guaranteed return of 15 % p.a., and guaranteed capital amount with buy back of unsold goods.

  3. Easy to operate – no experience required. No need to give up your current job / profession. Minimal work. Personal relationship manager provided.

  4. ROI : Immediate. You do not have to wait for years to first recover your investment, which was spent in interiors, machines, promotions etc. You get goods worth your investment immediately, and sales start immediately.

  5. You become part of the remarkable growth happening in the huge Indian online market. You also get a chance to easily purchase from our huge variety of professionally sourced products from various countries, at our very competitive prices.

  6. The possibility of very good future growth in sales and profits by re-investing, and / or putting in additional investments.

Thank you for your interest in Infinitus. We assure you our 100% support as we value our franchisees as they’re the ones who take our brand forward. We wish to enter a mutually profitable relationship; where we can together grow from strength to strength. Please also suggest this to a relative or a friend who might be looking for an independent, easy business to run, with regular good income.

Take your first step towards your profitable independent business by calling us.

Step One:

Call our Franchise representative.


Step Two:

Discuss with the Franchise Development team member listed above to clear your doubts.

Step Three:

Your Infinitus Experience Begins

(It is recommended that you go through the FAQ's in this document, and then call on the above number, this will enable you to understand everything better and faster.)


9819543464  (9AM to 2PM)

9930663731  (2PM to 9PM)


Figures and all other information in this writeup are based on various factors, and are approximate. Actual figures may vary, depending on Involvement of the Franchise, Changes in portal policies, products selected, competition, etc.; Franchise should conduct his/her independent research. Franchisee caution is advised. The Franchisor shall not be held accountable for any matter mentioned in this Prospectus. All the above matter is subject to change without notice.