Will my goods be sold online all over India, or in only a particular area ?

All your items listed on all portals will be sold all over India. Customers from any part of India will be able to order your items.

What accounts do I need to file ?

For this business, you need to file only a GST return. If you have your C.A., he can do it for you. If not, then we have a tie-up with a C.A. who will do the filing for you with a charge of just Rs. 1,500 per month. For your yearly I.T. return, which you might be already doing, you just need to give the GST return to your C.A. If you wish, the C.A. we have tied up with can also file your I.T. return, with a charge of Rs. 2,500 per year (for a regular small sized I.T. return).

What is the Amazon Prime section?

Amazon Prime is when your products are stored in the Amazon warehouse. In Amazon Prime, shipping is done by Amazon, and that too very fast. When goods are in the Amazon Prime section, the number of orders increase, and we eliminate our job of packing and shipping each order as Amazon does it for us. There is an extra charge for that, but it is being paid by us, and you will get your regular profit as always.

What work is expected from my end ?

We will basically be setting up your entire online store, and helping you at every step. However if some of you wish to get involved more deeply, you are welcome to do so. You can give inputs for your store design, monitor your sales statistics more deeply, study the items you wish to purchase more prudently, study which items are selling well on various portals more deeply, deciding promotion strategies for various festival occasions, and so on. We wish to repeat that in case you decide not to get involved deeply into this, still we will be managing your account professionally and efficiently. However, if you wish to get involved in it as a full time business, it will be most welcome.

How do you (i.e. the Franchisor) make money?

We keep a small margin of profit on the goods bought by you. Our aim is to do more turnover. We do not believe in keeping high profits and low sales. Our philosophy is to keep reasonable profits, with high sales. This is how most successful companies work. With every turnover of money, you and we both make profits.

I do not have experience or knowledge of which products will sell fast, so how do I select which products I should buy?

We understand that, and therefore we will help in making your first selection. We will give you a very good selection, as it is our aim that you sell fast. After you have your experience you can select it yourself, or we are always there to help you with guidance of which products are selling fast.

When can I start this business, if I wish to?

As of we have a waiting list for the new franchisees, as the current lot is full. The next round process of new franchise addition is currently going on, but online stores will be active after 45 days. To confirm your Franchise you need to give us a token of Rs. 1,50,000 once you have made up your mind and all your doubts are cleared. However please note that the ongoing next round is also almost full, and if we cannot allot you the Franchise in the ongoing next round, it will be for sure allotted in the round after the next, stores of which will be active in 90 days from the day you confirm. In the meantime we will do the process of company registration, GST allocation, Trade Mark application, setting up of software, laptop, creating accounts on various portals, and your training.

In how many days will I get the goods ordered by me?

Once your order is placed, the goods will be shipped out from our warehouse within 2 working days.After that it will take around 6-7 days to reach your destination, depending on your destination. If you wish you can also come to Mumbai and get your goods collected in person and take them away in a vehicle arranged by us.


In how many days will my products be listed on the portal websites?

The products will be live on the websites in approximately 7-10 days of placing your order. This is because it will take about 6-7 days for the goods to reach you, and 1-2 days for you to inspect them.


What are the initial steps to be taken, and what documents do you need from me?

  1. Send us your confirmation of the Franchise.

  2. Send us a token amount of Rupees 1,50,000 (For an initial purchase of Rs. 5,00,000).

  3. We shall send you a list of suggested company names to choose from.  You can choose a company name from that, or you can give us your company name.

  4. We will get your company name registered, and apply for a GST number and PAN card for you. That will cost Rs. 3,000.  This is a one time cost. 

  5. On receipt of the GST number and PAN card, you will need to transfer the balance amount, and select the products required by you, and we will ship out the goods.

  6. We will create your accounts and professional, good looking stores on various portal websites.  This normally takes around a week.

  7. Basically, by the time you receive your goods, your online stores would be active, and your products uploaded.  Please note that initially, some websites allow only a limited number of products (around 5 products) to be uploaded for the beginning period of approximately 15 days.  After that period, we will be free to upload all the products.


Will you sell the same products to others online?

No. Once a product is bought by a franchisee, the product will be exclusively given by us to that Franchisee for sale online. We shall not give that product to someone else for sale online, until your whole stock is sold off. However please note that someone else, not our franchisee, may get the same product from somewhere else in the market and sell it online. Though the chances of that happening are quite low as there are millions of products out there, and we try our best to purchase products which are unique. Please note you or we can sell the products to non-online stores also, e.g. to physical stores, etc. and there will be no exclusivity for that.

What if I receive broken or damaged goods?

You will get 2 days to check the goods received by you.We will take back the same, and credit you with the value of those goods.


How does the exchange policy for unsold goods work?

If goods have been listed on the portal websites at prices suggested by us, and if they have not been sold out in 6 months’ time of listing, we will reduce the listed price on the portals by 15 % and attempt to sell it for 45 days at the reduced price. This reduction cost will not be from your account, but from ours only. Your percentage of profit will remain the same, but it now be based on the reduced price. If after the expiry of these 45 days, the goods still remain unsold, we shall take back the goods from you and in exchange you can take other goods from us. Further shipping cost for the returned goods will also be borne by us, not by you. You will just have to deliver it to the courier / transport company appointed by us in your city. We shall be giving this point in writing to you.

Can I sell the goods to physical stores in my city?

Yes, you can do that. However, at-least one piece has always to be listed on the online portal websites also to keep the exchange facility valid. In case you sell off the goods partly or wholly, then you need to inform us about the same, so that the quantity on the portal website can be reduced.


Is the shipping cost from your godown to me, to be paid by me ?

No. The cost of shipping is borne by the company. You will get the goods delivered to you at the company cost.

Can I sell other products bought by me, but not through you?

Yes, you can, but not on the company name registered with us, or on the account or store created by us on the portal websites. You can create another company, account or store of your own and upload those products there.


Which countries do you normally source from?

We source from all around the world.Most of the products sold in the market are from China; however, we source from other countries to get new and better and uncommon products too.


How will you upload the products on the portal websites?

You will be required to give full time access to your computer through software for our staff to upload and manage the items in your online stores. Or you may keep a separate computer dedicated for this business.In case a separate computer is required, the Laptop suggested by us costs around Rs. 18,000.

Laptop link : https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07HBBVPW4/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1


What are the quantities of each product I will have to buy?

It varies.Most of the time will be around 24-36 pieces.


What about returns from the customers?

If the return is due to non-availability of the customer at the time of delivery, etc, then normally the Portal bears the shipping cost. But if the customer returns the product due to some other reason, then the shipping cost will have to be borne by you. However, the shipping cost is small, and around Rs. 60 for a product. That product will be relisted and sold to other customers.


How do I order new items from the amount I receive from the sales of my previous items ?

Most of the portals credit the sales amount to your bank account in 14 days time. After the initial period of 14 days, you will be receiving amounts every 3-4 days for the goods sold 14 days back. It is suggested that you place an order every Sunday (or another day if you prefer) for the amounts received by you. Ofcourse you can keep part of the sales amount for your personal use, but the more you invest back in the business, you will make more money. All items in stock with us will be listed on our website. You can choose the items you like, and place an order. We shall also be sending you our new items through Whatsapp, from where also you can place your order. Our sales team will also help do your purchasing.

What if I have sold off a product, and wish to repeat it?

Once your product is sold off, you can buy any other product, or you can place an order for the same product. However, we will evaluate it’s potential and ask for a certain quantity for it. As many products sell very fast, we may ask for a higher quantity to be bought by you. Normally for a good fast selling product, we double the quantity for re-order. For re-order you will again get exclusivity. You will have to give a 25 % deposit for the value of the order and balance is to be paid on arrival of goods. If you do not wish to place an order for a product after it has been sold off, we are free to sell it to other buyers.

Will our prices be competitive?

We will ensure that at the time of listing we have a lower price than that of a competitor, if the competitor is selling the same product. However, if later the competitor reduces the price of that product and if you or we wish to reduce the price of your goods then we will share the discount between the two of us. However, the chances of this happening are quite low, as there are millions of products out there, and we try our best to get products which are not there in the market. Further we aim to work with reasonable margins only, not very high ones. Our aim is to do fast rotation, as on every rotation you make around 20 % profit. Our business depends on the sales of our Franchisee. If the Franchisee doesn’t sell, we will also not make profits. Therefore logically too you can understand that we will always aim to get very good products and sell at very good prices. If you don’t do well, we will not do well. And ultimately if you don’t sell, we will have to bear that burden as we are giving the guarantee of exchangeable returns. So our purchase team is very clear of doing purchase of good items at good prices.

Do I need a trademark?

Normally no, but some sites may require it. It is suggested that a trademark be registered. This will also protect your online store name. You can choose it from the list given by us. We have tied up with a Trade Mark company who can apply it for you. There will be a onetime cost of Rs. 7,500 for it.

What is the validity period of the Franchise?

For all the products which you have bought with the initial investment, you will have all the services and facilities listed here, right until those products are sold. For new products you buy later, you will get all Franchisee benefits if you buy goods worth a minimum of 25 % of the MRP value of the goods sold in the last 4 months. For example if your daily sale is 15,000 a day, it comes to 4.5 lakhs a month, which is 18 lakhs in 4 months. It is expected that you will invest back Rs. 4.5 lakhs from that back in your business to have the franchise benefits for new purchases. Please note this is just re-investment from your sales, and not new capital. You can appreciate that we have a lot of expenses and work to be done for your account, and therefore we need a certain amount of purchase to sustain the Franchise benefits.


On which online portal websites will you upload the products?

We are well aware of which portals are big, important, have high sales, and have good policies. So, we shall upload the products on those portals, decided by us. You can be assured that we will list the products on all the good portals, as it is also our aim to sell as quickly as we can.


What if I have some doubt or question to ask?

You will have a personal relationship manager assigned to you, who will help you with any information or help required.


How much amount investment should I start with ?

From our experience, 35 % of the people start with 5 Lakhs investment, 45 % with 10 Lakh investment, and around 20 % with 15 Lakh investment. It depends on how much you wish to invest at the moment and the goals you have for your profit earnings. Obviously you will earn more if you invest more.


Will GST be deducted from my profit?

No. GST will be collected separately in the MRP. It will not be deducted from your profit. You will get your approximately 20 % profit on your buying price, no matter how much is the MRP, or GST or Portal fees, etc. You will be getting approx. 20 % on your purchase price. Sometimes it maybe a little more, or a little less, but it will be approx. 20 %.

Do I need experience to run this?

No. Almost all our Franchisees have no experience running this business. We understand that, and therefore have designed the Franchise in a manner where all the work is done by us, and you just have to handle the business in a simple manner. Basically, what you will need to do is:

A. Print the order invoice sent to you on your mobile and email,

B. Pack the goods and keep it ready for pickup by the courier company.

What are my monthly expenses? Are there any other hidden costs?

No. Your only expenses are GST filing charges (Rs. 1,500 per month) and packaging expense (approx. Rs. 3,500 a month based on a sale of 4,50,000 per month).

Your one time initial (not recurring) expense will be:

  • Laptop (Rs. 18,000)

  • Company Formation (Rs. 3,000)

  • Trademark Application (Rs. 7,500)

  • Printer (Approx. Rs. 6,000)

Do I need a office or staff to run it?

No. You can run it from your home. You just need an approximately 5 x 8 feet storage area (for goods worth Rs. 5,00,000). Most of the Franchisees do the work by themselves – which is printing of the Invoice, and packing.

What if I have absolutely no time to run it?

In that case we will send all your goods to the Amazon warehouse (Amazon Prime). They will ship all the orders so basically you won’t have to do anything except supervision. Please note this facility is available only in Amazon. However, please note that Amazon is one of the biggest online portals in India and sales are expected to do good.


How exactly will I run it?

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to run, and your work will be very simple.Videos of training you for this work will be sent to you.Further you will be allotted a Personal Relationship manager to help you manage your account.


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